The road to hell is plastered with the promise to protect you

The exploration of unknown territory used to be and still is nature, science and our own physical strength. However, today we are dealing with the erosion of our rights, which should be on our priority list to explore. Many  people think that we have no right to explore our rights or the steady limitations imposed by bureaucratic agencies through the power of regulations. We are very well-trained to always ask for permission. Continue reading

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Saving the PC Party or saving Politics, thats the question

It is without doubt a great question to be asked.

I had interesting discussions with some outraged and frustrated PC members in regards to the current PC credibility crisis in Bruce Grey Owen Sound after the nomination.

At least they have some passion in the Ukraine Continue reading
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A liberal won the PC nomination. Grey Bruce Owen Sound Riding facing potentially a huge credibility crisis

Who is he????? Did not mention in his speech for whom he is working .

There is a lot to be said about the way we nominate people into positions to run for a party.

I have reflected many times about vote-buying in previous posts and experienced it myself several times first hand. It became so clear in lasts nights display of lack of true leadership.

As I wrote before, looking at the concept of party loyalty Mark Wunderlich should have been the man to be chosen. He got badly shafted for someone who was not a conservative and still is a liberal when you listen to his speech and concepts.

The question of political skills, charisma, and visionary leadership, had no room and value for many of the people in attendance .

The danger of this situation is the credibility and integrity of the whole party. I have no answers for that dilemma.

The income of party memberships seems to be the priority but not the philosophy or principles.The PC party is nodifferent from the Green Party or any other Party

I had to smile how few seemed to show their emotions about the fact that we now have a liberal running as PC Candidate, who is employed by Bruce Power.

Bill Murdoch had integrity as a PC MPP with a clear conservative foundation.

Bill who praised himself as the next Bill might turn more voters into another direction or into the no-vote group. Bill is not Bill and the time for any Bill is over. Too many bills are hard to pay at once.

This brings me back to the reality check; is this at the end just a big farce? Do we have to be forced to believe that this is still the PC Party in Bruce Grey Owen Sound?

No ,the political dilemma is not solved with Bill Walker. We have just piled another huge credibility issue to the mounting problems politics in general  has in Ontario.

Bill Walker’s nomination has thrown the Bruce Grey Owen Sound riding into a deep identity crisis.

Who are we and who is the real man behind Bill Walker????????

Let me know

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The final speech of this campaign



Ready to move on


It is indeed an honor to be up here and speak to the festive occasion or confusion of this democratic process to nominate the next Progressive Conservative Candidate to replace Bill Murdock. Continue reading

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Progressive Conservative: a farce or real mission

To look at the current attitude of voters to any party- philosophy reminds me of theater at its best. The Purpose of Parties was originally used to pool similar ideas together and shape politics with a united vision, with a strong voice.

Election in the good old time where it mattered greatly to take part

The current with first past the post voting system creates major political shifts with just a few swing voters. It creates instability and real confusion about the legitimate voice of the voters. Continue reading

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