Worth fighting or worth waiting? Bill C 36

It is indeed a worthwhile question to consider. Sometimes one can waste a lot of energy trying to bring about change and then when change finally arrives there is nothing left to even celebrate.

That will happen to you I promise

I am following the current urgency by the Government to pass bill C 36.

This bill is once again is tabled under the pretext to protect you.

If this bill is passed, an “inspector” can TRESPASS, ENTER YOUR HOME at any time, even when you’re not home, and SEARCH AND SEIZE your PROPERTY for ownership or disposal in your house WITHOUT A COURT WARRANT! OR YOUR PERMISSION! THIS IS OUTRAGEOUS! and DIRECT VIOLATION OF THE CHARTER OF RIGHTS AND FREEDOMS!


Just like the gun issue, we are facing more and more the reality that our Canadian Charter and Bill of Right becomes a worthless document under these circumstances. You can try to go to court and fight every single bill which infringes upon our rights and you will spend lots of money on lawyers to fight against these dictatorial laws.

At the moment most people put their head into the sand and try to ignore all the bad news coming from the Government. We seemed to agree that all is bad and all gets worse by the day.

These are your options:

Waiting until people wake up is certainly a possibility. But what if they do not wake up?

Engage yourself in a grassroots campaign to wake people up and exhaust yourself because there are always only a few doers and many followers.

Become active without expectation and do what your consciousness is telling you. Do not expect that anybody else will support your efforts, if the time is right you will get the support ,if the time is not right then we have to repeat history all over again: you learn through suffering.

Bill C 36 will pass and you will reap the harvest of apathy.

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