The road to hell is plastered with the promise to protect you

The exploration of unknown territory used to be and still is nature, science and our own physical strength. However, today we are dealing with the erosion of our rights, which should be on our priority list to explore. Many  people think that we have no right to explore our rights or the steady limitations imposed by bureaucratic agencies through the power of regulations. We are very well-trained to always ask for permission.

I need to repeat myself again and again; if you truly understand the function of law. REGULATIONS ARE NOT LAW

I had a lot of help when I was forced into the realm of law through many court cases. Because I have been involved and I am still involved helps me to understand and explore the grave dangers we are facing. I had to face a scary reality. I needed to realize how little I was aware about the loss of our fundamental rights and how little I was able to differentiate between administrative law, civil law and criminal law.

Administrative or regulatory law has overtaken due legal process and has become the norm in the courts. We are forced into a process, where those who are charged will always be guilty, plead guilty and made feel guilty. Even if you win you are bound to lose.

There are hardly any remedies against civil servants, they have protected themselves as well by regulations and by default are not accountable anyway.

Public health for example does not protect the public. Public Health promotes everything that will make money for the pharmaceutical industry. Public Health will promote the safety of the nuclear power industry; public Health will use any measures to impose their regulatory powers on people at large, without any distinction between private and public.

The fear factor, the protection factor, the safety factor are great tools for these agencies to manipulate broad public support for their actions because; what’s wrong with protecting us from ourselves.

The arbitrary, dictatorial policing power of these agencies makes a mockery of our fundamental rights.

What RIGHTS?????????????

Do we know our RIGHTS????????

Do we have RIGHTS?????????

You might want to check that out. I promise you it will be a nightmare once you wake up and realize that we have handed over our rights to the Government in exchange for a simple and false promise: PROTECTION.

Government’s role is; to stand on guard to protect our LIBERTIES.

Please take your time and find out how many if any of the current politicians even know what their responsibilities are.

The one thing I know for sure. We need to defend our Liberties not against enemies from the outside, we need to defend our Liberties against the most dangerous enemy; the enemy within our country:

Uncontrolled faceless and well paid bureaucrats have taken us and politicians hostage to create a well oiled and lucrative dictatorship.

Watch out my friends these are just a few I know off:

the chicken police,

the milk police,

the  health police,

the smoke police,

the MTO police,

the conservation police,

the children’s aid police,

the CFIA police,

the MNR police,

the building police,

the By law police,

the parking police,

the animal (OSPCA) police,

the OMAFRA police,

and the real police. They all just do their job. They cannot wait to come for a visit.

Why you might ask; because they can.

Friends I agree with you; it is much easier and very tempting to close our eyes, close our ears and shut up.

Not me

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