Saving the PC Party or saving Politics, thats the question

It is without doubt a great question to be asked.

I had interesting discussions with some outraged and frustrated PC members in regards to the current PC credibility crisis in Bruce Grey Owen Sound after the nomination.

At least they have some passion in the Ukraine

It is fascinating to see how traditional structures start crumbling more and more, even in our own riding. What was good enough for decades seems to have outlived its prime. Party-policies become more platforms of popular opinions than true principles and convictions.

Passionate ideals fade away and the salesman ship of politicians takes over the debate.

Basic values give way to promises which hardly anybody can keep anyhow.

The credibility issue of politicians becomes a credibility issue of their parties and as a result a credibility issue of politics in general.

Loyalty to parties without principles and integrity becomes a farce. I cannot blame only one party, it is right across the full color spectrum of all parties where we question; have they outlived their mandate?

Do we need parties to create governance? Why do we have the first- past- the- post voting system?

We are electing representatives from our riding to work at Queens Park and in Ottawa. Party lines will have to come down if we want to elect real people to represent real people.

The value of parties is overrated but important to create conflicts and encourage debates.  Our future challenges are far to complex to fall into the trap of creating division in order to conquer.

Uniting  efforts to save politics is far more important than trying to save parties without clear directions

We need to take a bold step into a new direction.

Start now.

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2 Responses to Saving the PC Party or saving Politics, thats the question

  1. thebovine says:

    So how are the Liberals faring in Grey Bruce Owen Sound? Are they saddled with a Bruce Power candidate also?

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