The final speech of this campaign



Ready to move on


It is indeed an honor to be up here and speak to the festive occasion or confusion of this democratic process to nominate the next Progressive Conservative Candidate to replace Bill Murdock.

My participation in the nomination has been controversial for several reasons.

1.  For our supply managed dairy farmers  and health officials I am a risk factor despite a recent court ruling that I  have conformed and worked within the current system.

2.   I did not come up the traditional ladder of local politics and conformity.

3.  I did run in 1995 as an Independent and ran for the nomination of the Federal green party.

I have been part of the political life for a long time because I was concerned about the future for our children.

I joined the PC party before the last Leadership race in 2008 because one of the contenders Randy Hillier was not afraid to talk about real issues like property rights. I saw a chance that this Party could have the power and the will to change our current downward spiral.

I was urged by several high ranking Conservatives in Ontario to take part in the nomination for the next election here in Bruce Grey Owen Sound, in order to help to revive a political culture of honesty , determination  and thoughtfulness, which more and more is getting lost as you might have witnessed when watching question period  in the Legislature.

I had to realize that the nomination process is nothing else than a rat race for memberships. Whoever has the most buddies or the best commercial support will win, unless the voting members truly understand their responsibility tonight, that they will be part of setting the future course of the PC party and this riding.

I realized that the nomination process is more important than the election because anybody can buy themselves into the position to be nominated to be elected in 12 months by the voters.

Looking at our candidates today I do want to acknowledge that Mark Wunderlich has the best credentials as a PC member. Year after year he has worked within and for the party longer than any other candidate.

Kudos to you Mark and thanks for over 20 years of service.

Bill Walker has been a Liberal and is still is a liberal, and Dan Sullivan was too late to get on the PC Bus to even understand who he is.

This gives you an idea that in fact running for this nomination is not a matter of being a true Progressive Conservative.

Clearly addressing my own supporters here today I urge everyone to recognize the responsibility you have for the future. I like to urge all those members to be open and fair and only nominate a candidate who truly displays the qualifications we need to represent courageously and fearlessly our riding. It does not have to be me.

But let me thank you for your confidence and trust.

In the last 25 years I have seen  in Ontario  the loss of thousands of farms, hundreds of butcher shops countless business,  I have seen less healthier people with exploding healthcare costs and most of all the loss of trust  people have in politicians.

It seems that traditional politicians have created resentment amongst voters.

It seems that traditional politicians have undermined the trust of voters across party lines.

It seems that traditional politicians have lost their rights to truly be leaders , visionaries and  proponents of unpopular measures.

Most of the politicians will tell you what you want to hear; hardly anyone has the courage to call a spade a spade. History has taught us that telling the truth is often rejected and will not get you elected.

Tonight we have and we will hear more about promises than real actions. We will hear more about tax cuts and government support than about our loss of fundamental rights.

Today we have over 500 000 provincial regulations which regulate your lives, none of them have ever been passed by the legislature because they are creations of bureaucrats.

We have an exploding public sector which cripples our elected officials as much as it cripples free enterprise.

Creativity and personal responsibility are destroyed in the process.

I have not seen any creative and constructive solutions to our rising challenges in the last 25 years.

Are our lives better than 25 years ago?

Our water, our air our food is more polluted than ever. We are more controlled and regulated than many countries in the world, but we are living in the great illusion that we are still a free country.

We have too much fear to say no to bureaucrats, inspectors and government agents.

We have to much fear to stand up to fight corporate control within government ranks.

We have forgotten why most of us or our ancestors came to this country or why our veterans went to free other countries from devastating dictatorships.

Our bureaucratic dictatorship in this country is brilliant because we are still made to believe that we are free.

Why am I HERE

I am here today because I want to give young people hope and faith in political leadership.

I am here today to give also the other generations hope again because I have not forgotten their hope and work to create a brighter future for all of us.

I am here today because I want to save our inherent culture in this riding. I want to save farmers, small business, and small towns from the threat of total extinction.

I am here today because I did not want to see another politician to blind us with empty promises and empty talks.

I am here today because I have no fear to initiate change.

I am here today because I truly believe in prevention than financing pharmaceutical companies and more and more hospitals.

I am here today because I have seen the devastation through inaction and complacency in Europe and other countries.

I am here today because I did not want to be asked by my children the most embarrassing and humiliating question, why did you not act when the writing was on the wall that we will lose all our rights and our dignity to a new breed of dictators of high paid public servants.

I am here today because time is running out where we still can change the current situation in a peaceful way.

Dear friends when you cast your vote remember it is mostly our children who have to bear the consequences of your decisions.

This is not about me or Bill Walker or Mark Wunderlich or Dan Sullivan this is about your courage to vote for the impossible because we need to achieve the impossible in order to change direction.

We cannot afford a smooth talking politician we need a visionary with the ability to initiate change.

I am the only candidate here today who knows farming and successfully implemented working alternatives to the current agricultural model of either grow or die.

I am the only candidate here today who has been successfully retailing and marketing truly local products for the last 27 years.

I am the only candidate here today who challenged the status quo and succeeded against all odds.

I am the only candidate here today who has lectured in China , Europe and the US on farming, food safety and social issues.

I am the only Candidate here today who knows agriculture and culture, who conducts symphony orchestras and testifies as the only Canadian in front of the California State senate on food safety and agricultural issues.

While others put their heads down in complacency I encourage many by example to find the courage to initiate change. When I see wrong I do not dwell on it, I live the solution.

I will bring people together through examples of acting without fear

This is not about the PC party tonight this is about the chance for the PC party to have a man of ideas and a man of action as one package.

Why are we promoting computer jobs which are designed to cut the work force and make companies to be more efficient with less people.

Why are we destroying our own infrastructure through regulations and wonder why nobody is left to keep alive our small towns, our small business, and our farms.

The intention of the role of Government was never to restrict freedom; Governments role is to protect our individual freedom.

Those who are elected to represent their constituents are responsible to lead by example.  Those who are elected cannot be servants to public servants.

Friends I wish you could see the writing on the wall.

Germany, Russia, and many other countries with a devastating history nearly destroyed themselves because people were asleep and full of fear they did not act when there was still time to act.

Back to basics.

Let’s return to sanity which makes us understand that positive change can come either through severe pain or visionary leadership. Change will never come from complacency and silence.

We need to act with passion; we need to act with compassion.

Acting now with a vision for the future may create the hope we need to find a way out of the current crisis.

My friends it is in your hands if the PC party will be able to create that hope or not

My Friends it is in your hands if the PC party will win this riding or not.

My friends it is in your hands to continue the way of the past or to reignite the pioneering spirit to re-shape a country which is free and full of hope.

Thank you.

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4 Responses to The final speech of this campaign

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  2. thebovine says:

    Looks like a good speech, Michael. May you win the nomination, and shake things up a little down at Queen’s Park!

  3. 2censworth says:

    Great effort Michael! Let’s hope some of your ideas will be acted upon. Best regards! 2cw

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