Progressive Conservative: a farce or real mission

To look at the current attitude of voters to any party- philosophy reminds me of theater at its best. The Purpose of Parties was originally used to pool similar ideas together and shape politics with a united vision, with a strong voice.

Election in the good old time where it mattered greatly to take part

The current with first past the post voting system creates major political shifts with just a few swing voters. It creates instability and real confusion about the legitimate voice of the voters.

Today politicians need artificial divisions through parties to create conflict to promote themselves which itself engages the voters and makes them feel involved. If you really look at the platforms of all major parties one wonders what the real differences are.

Sure we have the entire spectrum from left to right. but we have also politicians becoming green, red, blue, orange, the reason????whatever opportunity requires them to use a certain colour makes them change to serve the people or to stay in power,-take your pick.

Bruce Grey Owen Sound has a great tradition to vote for a person with a strong and distinguished voice. We all are proud when we are heard and when we rock the boat. That does not mean we got a lot back in return, I think we in fact got punished because Bill Murdoch was not very well liked because of the way he expressed himself at Queens Park.

We try hard to think that the Liberals are the reason for our current situation in Ontario. This might be right considering their attitude and ignorance. I also know that the Conservatives will harvest the same critic if they do not deliver what they are promising right now.

The bottom line of all these political dances is not anymore vision. It is what can be sold the easiest JUST to get elected. The promises, the walk the talk trash, or “”I will be another Bill”” is hopefully not what attracts and motivates people. IF that is all what is needed to convince people to elect someone, then I agree that we deserve  another 25 years of moral destruction.

The nomination meeting will be a showcase of cheap politics with lots of noise, t-shirts, flags, and screaming supporters. What it should be is a gathering of sincere interested people to choose who is right for the future of all citizens and not for a limited partisan group.

We will see if true PROGRESSIVE CONSERVATISM will shine or cheap protective motives will dominate a fixed race.

You always get what you ask for

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