1500 PC members. Historic Membership drive. Smell the bacon

This chapter is not based on verified facts just on observations made in the last three weeks. Nomination is closed.The wheels are spinning to get the deals done before the nomination meeting.

the practice of dealing behind the back of people is for many very attractive

The decision by the executive of the local PC is made: the preferred ballot is a go.

According to the rules there are four choices: you pick your first choice then your second choice then your third choice. Unless a candidate has 51 percent of the vote the bottom candidate will be eliminated and the second choice will go to the next one. Easy to understand.

NOW the question remains who is working with whom to get the second choice in order to secure a candidate.

Bill Walker is the undisputed front-runner in this process. He does not live in the riding and works for Bruce Power, which does not even appear on his promo flier. He has been liberal worked on the campaign of the liberal Murray Elston, who then became head of the Bruce Power development. Interestingly enough it seems that Bruce Power needs urgently political support to ship radioactive scrap through Bruce and Grey and then through the great lakes. Bruce Power already has full support from the local Health Unit. The Health Unit hosted an information session for Bruce Power in the new copper palace in Owen Sound (the 40 million dollar white elephant that pays no taxes).     Interestingly the OPP is currently identifying those who are against the shipments and visits them in their home. Bill is the cousin of Howard who is the mayor of Chatsworth and a dairy man. (caught in the system)

When I asked Bill Walker  how many memberships he had sold, he answered in a true political manner. He did not lie to me but knew exactly that it was not true what he told me. Who is this Bill Walker and who are those who think that he will make any difference with his pro regulation, pro bureaucracy and non farming, non small business background. Why in world would Conservatives embrace somebody like him?????

Maybe those who bought the memberships from him are in fact non conservatives hoping he gets into power.

My suspicion is that Walker is there to protect Bruce Powers interest. Maybe I am wrong. I just talked to an independent consultant who had conducted on behalf of Bruce Power research with  focus groups in order to help Bruce Power garner more public acceptance. She answered: Yes that is what they do. Oiling the political process.Bill sold around 600 memberships and not 300 as he made me believe. No need for panic Bill is determined to replace Bill.

Mark Wunderlich became an interesting partner in the run for the nomination. He was always willing to organize debates and as far as I know he did not mislead me in anything he said.He always showed great interest in the conservative cause. From all of us he is the truest conservative of the pack. I even feel like thanking him for showing grace and diplomacy at its best. His views are not all to my liking but he seems to be  there willing to serve and learn as he goes. He struggled as much as I did to convince people to sign up for the party. I feel that he was a great running partner and could grow with the task to become a caring MPP. Who knows.

Dan Sullivan is a strange addition to the race. Late , late ,late. Why???? are there any strategies behind that? It is not worth speculating. Maybe he is here to split the vote. May be he is just playing. He comes from my home town Durham and runs also for mayor. I hope he does not get burned alive.

The last one is me. My name is Michael Schmidt. I was never part of the old boys club so to say. I decided to run because people asked me to run. I had a friend from Queens Park coming up to me urging me to run because they wanted to see more passion, more determination and true conviction instead of political hogwash.

I do believe that my determination for justice and radical change towards a return to sanity and the return to basics is a manageable way to reignite the interest in real politics. We already  have heard about so many great plans, tax cuts, more bang for the buck from the other wannabees.

In the last 25 years we have only seen a total erosion of rights, no fiscal responsibility, and loss of credibility. I have seen only frustration amongst voters, I have seen frustration about half a million regulations and I have seen the attitude that nothing can be changed. Even Bill Murdoch when he announced his resignation simply stated that the powers have been centered in Toronto and that there is not much he can do anyhow.

If Bill gets in he will run with the current liberal trend but in the conservative party.

If Mark gets in he will follow the conservative spirit and might be great team player in Queens Park

If Dan gets in, I don’t know what will happen

If I get in, you will hear it day after day after day, because I will not stay silent until we revive the spirit of our rural culture.

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2 Responses to 1500 PC members. Historic Membership drive. Smell the bacon

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  2. jimbobbysez says:

    My suspicion is that Walker is there to protect Bruce Powers interest.

    I suspect your suspicion is on the money a hunnert percent’s worth. The more politicians they got in their pocket, the easier the sailin’ for Bruce Nuke. I wish you luck, Michael. It’s tough going up against a multi-billion dollar corporation that happens to be teh biggest local employer… and masterful at public relations.

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