A call to duty: defending fundamental rights

Straight from the Bovine

Ontario raw milk farmer Michael Schmidt to take over “Home on the Range” cowshare in British Columbia


Michael Schmidt and Ontario Co-ordinator from the National Farmers Union Sean McGivern

Alice Jongerden from the Home on the Range cow-sharing syndicate has now officially resigned as of Thursday evening. [Alice was the agister (or proxy farmer) at Home on the Range.]

All responsibilities have been transferred to Michael Schmidt in Ontario. Michael Schmidt was acquitted of all 19 charges in the Ontario Court of Justice last January on the same charges. The Province is currently appealing the landmark-ruling of Justice of the Peace Paul Kowarsky.

Michael Schmidt has been consulting and supporting Home on the Range for many years and is willing to face any challenges in British Columbia. He is farming in Ontario and will remain in Ontario. He is currently reviewing the legal situation.

Another farmer hunted down and put in his place. We should be thankful for those regulations.

“I am currently in the process of restructuring in order to fulfill the contractual obligations with the current cow-share owners” says Schmidt.

“We all have to understand that we have reached the boiling point of a very disturbing trend. Government and bureaucracy has taken the liberty to completely restrict the right of the individual to make a conscious decision about food and health”.

“Laws are passed randomly by politicians in consultation with the most powerful lobby groups. Regulations are implemented without the knowledge and the need of approval by elected officials”.

“We have reached the level of a new and powerful dictatorship called bureaucracy in the name of food safety, and in the favour of multinational corporations”.

Schmidt is known worldwide for his battle for food rights. He has been featured in several award winning CBC documentaries, he testified in front of the California State Senate committee for food safety, gave lectures in Universities and Conferences all over North America Europe and China.

Michael Schmidt’s intention is not to create more conflict in the current situation. He wants to find a manageable solution through hopefully a constructive dialogue. It is paramount that we regain our individual liberties and that Government understands its role to protect these liberties.

This is about standing up for fundamental rights.

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