The end of the race

Before we get any further lets welcome the latecomer Dan Sullivan, deputy mayor in West Grey to the race.

It is indeed amusing to see how all the candidates, including me, are eagerly trying to convince friends and foes to join THE PARTY.

Who will be the champion in this race of selling the tickets? That is the question of the day, the week , the month.

waiting for the champion

Let me ask another question here.

Is the one who sold the most memberships the best candidate or the best salesman?  Selling the most memberships will qualify the next candidate to be your representative at Queens Park if the voters like him as well.  Hold on, selling is not serving. Selling memberships to the PARTY means you have to convince anybody you know to become a member of the PARTY.

Let me ask another question.

If it does not matter who buys the membership, are all the new members really Progressive Conservatives or just political tools to elect a friend, a business partner or some body else for other non-disclosed reasons? How strong can a party really be if we just get anybody off the street to get the candidate in the winning position?

Lots of questions no answers yet.

Today the nomination will close and the real horse trading has to start.

Lets discuss that I am the Champion

I have a proposal.

I believe all candidates want to know who sold the most memberships. Lets get together and exchange the information. Lets determine the order who sold the most to the last.  Since we cannot change this fact lets debate who would be willing to drop out. If nobody wants to drop out lets have a secret ballot amongst the four of us, who we think should drop out. If three agree on the same person it would be advisable for this candidate to consider supporting another candidate or else.

Now we have a new list (depends if the drop candidate pledges his supporters to a candidate of his choice)

We repeat the same procedure until we have two candidates left.

Once we established the two candidates all candidates will enter into a discussion: who of the remaining candidates has the best  job offer for the dropped candidates. (lets say personal assistant at Queens Park or chauffeur in the new car, or milking cows at home). Once that is settled we can proceed and determine amongst us, who should be the champion.

If anyone still wants to have a nomination meeting lets pretend a democratic procedure but get the same results.

That is politics.

Sorry my friends this has nothing to do with the qualification of the candidate. It is a matter of horse trading and favors and the ability to sell fridges to the Inuit.

Politics based on salesmanship can for sure NOT turn things around in this part of the world.

I guess we might have sold already our souls.

Mark, Bill, Dan we are on our way to become real politicians.

Cheers Michael

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6 Responses to The end of the race

  1. thebovine says:

    Politics is, the way it’s set up in Canada, very much a popularity contest, don’t you think. All this stuff about selling memberships, that’s just the nuts and bolts, the fallout, of how that popularity’s expressed. BTW, when’s the nomination vote again?

    • mschmidtpc says:

      One has to be in it to experience first hand how the system is working.
      The question is how to improve it or change it so that it reflects reasonable what the voters are asking for.
      The nomination meeting will be on October 6. in Tara
      It will be a circus. Since it is such a popular riding the interest is amazing. Total sold memberships are now around 1500. Never seen before.

  2. cuvava says:

    Good morning Michael, You are absolutely right !!!

  3. mschmidtpc says:

    I appreciate your comment.
    Actually I love your comment.

  4. It seems to me its an easy way to take over a party! If you employ say 4,000 people in the riding and get 10 to 20 % to back your candidate, win the nomination it pretty much gives you the run of the farm wouldn’t you say??
    What a way to run (walker) the country!

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