Bureaucrats hate freedom and love their Power

The Blue Bus a symbol of resistance for many, many years

Let me assure you, there are more important things in life than politics. There are principles I never will let go even if I lose the nomination as a result;

expose INJUSTICE and power-hungry BUREAUCRATS.

Our last experience with bureaucrats was not pleasant and deeply disturbing in its nature. I try to reflect upon, if in fact this was staged intentionally to discredit my attempt to win the nomination for the PC candidacy in Bruce Grey Owen Sound. It has been not the first time that local health authorities conspired with  York Region Health Unit with the intention to squash, intimidate and legally destroy me.

The anger and hatred of health authorities trying to undermine a court’s ruling by keeping harassing those who give people a choice is a great example of bureaucracy out of control.

Where is the freedom to make a sound decision, where is the respect for those who work hard with good intentions, where is the respect for those who are willing to make an informed choice without the control of bureaucrats.

Regulations are extremely dangerous for society because they can be implemented without the approval of the Legislature and its MPP’s. They are lurking in the offices of bureaucrats and can be randomly applied whenever it feels right to certain bureaucrats or because of anonymous complaints by those who do not like you.

Regulations make you guilty before you even get to trial.

Regulations are not Law in the traditional sense

Regulations create a venue for injustice because it prevents the proper court venue traditionally used for disputes.

Regulations are nothing else than a modern way to enslave everyone without the traditional terrible dictator.

Regulations  support thousands of faceless dictators who do their job and enjoy controlling  people.

500 000 regulations in Ontario alone.

250 000 created in the last 6 years

If anyone tries to justify bureaucracy and regulations should be tried for treason.

Oh Canada we stand on guard for thee.


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2 Responses to Bureaucrats hate freedom and love their Power

  1. Here Here Mr. Speaker!!!!


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