Bounty and Punishment

Bounty or Protection

The Children’s aid society and the Ontario Society for the Prevention of Cruelty playing a very important role in our midst. 

Animal protection or powertrips

Bounty hunters or saving the children. That needs to be asked over and over again

Both are Non-Government agencies, both depend on private donations and both need to make money because donations do not cover their expenses.

Both have sweeping policing powers without real accountability to the Government.

Children’s Aid according to some reports is receiving for every child they remove from the parents a certain amount of Government money. CAS is then looking for foster parents to find a new home under their supervision, which is also  partially funded by the Government.

Every child therefore makes money for them and guaranties jobs within the agency.

My question is, why do we hear repeatedly that CAS has removed children without understanding all the facts or without seeing the whole picture.

I know that there have been many situations where the children need to be protected and put into proper care. I know that in principle the intentions and original mission from those who work at the CAS are  good and have helped a lot of children.

What is of grave concern is the fact that  children are needed to fund the operation of the CAS.

How do we know that the CSA is not wasting money and as a result the children have to pay with their” bounty”

It is a very dangerous system which easily can turn good helping angels  for children into money hungry bounty hunters.

Not much different with the OSPCA. I have witnessed horror stories about the abuse of power on behalf of OSPCA inspectors and follow up bills they send to farmers after they confiscated animals.

Here again it is  not the mandate of the OSPCA which is in question. It is the un accountability and lack of oversight on both organisation which makes them dangerous institutions.

There are 600 non-government agencies and commissions just like the CAS and the OSPCA which have policing powers worthy of a police state.

The Globe and Mail wrote in his Friday edition about the Governments Charter proof system by mandating responsibilities to NGO’s and therefore not becoming liable under the Canadian Charter of Freedom and Rights.

Do we know our rights

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