Finally a debate worthy to be called a debate

The last debate in Hanover was an event not to be missed: Three candidates, a room full of interested people with good questions and real concerns, a lot of passion, and, YES, common ground. We all agreed, that we are over regulated.

It took three debates to finally have a debate

It takes courage to agree to a real debate. We did it. Finally we all became worthwhile candidates by showing that we all have a cause, that we all are ready to stand up for whatever we believe in (hopefully). We gave the audience a chance to look beyond the common political rhetoric.

I do respect where Mark Wunderlich and Bill Walker are coming from and I do respect that both co-operated in a great way to make this last debate a good debate.

It is such a temptation to say what people want to hear, it is such a temptation to use a lot of phrases to score some points.

Lets not get carried away; unless we all explore our limits and recognize our shortcomings, unless we are truly ready to voice unpopular measures, we will be worth nothing and become just another tragic figure in the Canadian political landscape.

Lets raise the glass and toast to a debate well done.

Thanks Mark , thanks Bill, lets see who is truly committed to go all the way. After all it is about our country, our future and a renewed vision for the future.

(By the way we all agreed that we are over regulated but we certainly could not agree that it needs to be changed before we loose all our rights)

Warm regards Michael

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