Facebook discussion about the last posting

Progress with dialogue. Thanks for those who took an interest and in fact provided valuable inside into the topic.

The attitude that we cannot do anything about it the current situation empowers those who drive the bus.

I only can encourage everyone to get involved in the political process. It is our country, our life, our future

Alan Benninger

As far as I know, regulations are made under Acts, which are passed by the Legislature – these are the laws of the land. The Acts spell out what can and can’t be done. Also, I believe that regulations aren’t simply put in place …by civil servants as all regulations must be passed by Cabinet (representing the Legislature). What the legislators may need to do, is change the provincial laws (Acts) to provide for more public or stakeholder consultation perhaps when it comes to regulation development or revision. Its been my experience that there aren’t a lot of ‘new’ regulations, but there are quite a few ‘revisions’ made to existing ones – usually to address issues or new technologies. However, I’m not in Ontario!

Michael Schmidt well the provincial offences book had 2200 pages in 2004 now it has over 3300 that’s enough to panic. This means things are out of contro.If it is so easy to pass regulations than we have a major problem. Pass regulations and check later if they are conforming with the charter

Alan Benninger Like I said, perhaps there needs to be some checks and balances built into the Acts regarding regulation development, review and/or revision. Sounds like an excellent issue to raise – good luck in the election Michael . . . and if you see Bill Murdoch around, say ‘hi’ to him for me.

Mirko Malish

I would have really appreciated someone such as yourself standing up and spearheading a movement toward such legal reform. I think with your most recent history it would be the right sort of move. There are so many out there who can not afford to defend themselves and face financial hardship and significant change in their life. Having some kind of association of self defence, providing education and facility and also pushing for such right with Legal Activism. Cause Lawyers are in the business (pay their bills) of perpetuating their importance in the process

Mirko Malish Oh and one does not have to be a member of parliament to initiate and be part of such a thing

Michael Schmidt I almost forgot. Yes we can initiate change outside of the Legislature

Nicole Paluszek

Legislation is always deliberately worded vaguely so the bureaucrats can have a ball filling in all the gaps as they see fit.
That’s why so much legislation looks so innocuous to people reading it and they won’t oppose it, thinking, “what’s …the big deal?

Michael Schmidt right on my friend this is a labyrinth of intentional misconception

Scott Steel Perhaps “Ontario” should re-brand itself as “Oceania”? We’re heading (if not there already) to an Orwellian dystopia, and it’s really not just limited to this province.

  • Dale J. Kidd Biggest problem here is: WHY the never-ending new regulations? Answer: too many politicians bureaucrats, and “public servants” in our society with too little to do to actually justify their obscenely inflated taxpayer-funded salaries. If they don’t push out a whole raft of useless new rules and regulations, people might actually realize that they are NOT really needed, and kick them all the hell out of office. It’s a giant make-work project for unionized government employees, at our expense. And it needs to stop.

Calvin Arnt Agree with you Dale, and this coming from a unionized, over-paid, “public servant.”

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