Fear in the stores smelling the smoke

It does not take much to create the environment of fear to make people compliant and slaves to a system which has no respect for individual freedom and responsibility   

50% of smokers get killed according to this sign,the real worry for Government is to collect taxes. What about raw milk? In Canada in the last 20 years nobody got killed by raw milk but we need to restrict the right of people to make a choice




Chatsworth Variety store; a hub of activity, the owner a power woman called Trina (working double the time than Civil servants) and lots of people who seemed to love her. She told me how she deals with issues and will not shut up if injustice is done.   

This is the description of Trina


Lately she was visited by two Gentlemen in uniform with gear (guns) walking in her store. She asked repeatedly for ID, they responded “after we are done”.   

 They were looking for illegal smokes turning her place upside down. They started searching her kitchen at which point Trina tried to tell them, that this is beyond their jurisdiction. They looked  fridges, freezers, cupboards and closets. Nothing to be found, exactly as Trina had told them.  They left a shaken Trina in tears.   

The Tobacco control board is not coming to check if cigarettes are sold to minors, they are coming to make sure that the Government gets the taxes they need. Lots of taxes, to feed public servants.   

Going home I was reflecting on this situation and realised that most of the population has no idea where we are drifting towards. We are still dancing, we are still assuring each other that things are not that bad,not that good either. However lets not question authorities it might hurt us more than to swallow some injustice.   

Wrong; we are at the crossroad and better make up our mind where we want to go.    

We better understand what freedom means and what freedom is.   

I am a dairy farmer, but I also know that we are getting milked beyond imagination by our own public servants. Make your choice.

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2 Responses to Fear in the stores smelling the smoke

  1. Here Here Mr. Speaker!!
    The Canadian population has no idea! Their complacency is is the seed to their end!
    The have lost the vision of their parents and their grand parents!
    The simple serpants are going to consume them and spit out the bones!
    The do as I say mentality is dominating our world.
    Mr. Schmidt you must succeed, youare after all “The Pope of Hope”!

  2. amancalledit says:

    The reguations in this Province are designed to kill small business! I don’t know how we let thigns get this out of hand!
    What is next Government in our Bedrooms????


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