The great Debate which could not be be a Debate

Did we forget why we come to this country

It was theater , it was a mediocre show, it was everything else but no debate.

What is politics anyway?

In 2004 Ontario had apparently 250 000 Regulations

Today in 2010 Ontario has about 500 000 Regulations

We have about 600 commissions and Government agencies.

In 2004 the Provincial offenses book had about 2500 pages.                  Today the book has about 3350 pages.

ALL of these regulations have never been passed by the Legislature. So MPP’s  have very often no idea why people struggle with authorities. Once you are charged most politicians will tell you:

I cannot help you because this is before the courts.

If charged, the system is designed so that you rather plead guilty than fight because you pay for your lawyer and you pay for the Government lawyer through your taxes. In case you are able to win and get acquitted you will not be reimbursed for your costs, loss of income, aggravation or reputation.

On the other hand if Government loses: no consequences or reprimands. Bureaucrats just move on to the next target.

So why did all of us immigrants came here??????

At the no-debate I did not hear anybody screaming that this IS a dictatorship.

I thought I heard one of the candidates saying: 40% of our population in Bruce Grey Owen Sound are PUBLIC SERVANTS. This is a great industry which pays the people well and we should be thankful because they are spending the money in our area.

He is right: the only growth in employment in Ontario was the public sector.

Do you get it now.

We are creating our own dictatorship and think it is great.

I wonder how many are thinking of leaving Canada to find a country where freedom is truly the highest priority.

No debate tonight.

Just grand statements how Ontario will be better and fairer and richer and, and ,and, and,and……………………….

I am glad that I am not a politician. I just want to help people to understand that we the people have the power to change.

We can inspire change, we can.

Yes we do

September 8th at 7pm there will be another Great Debate in Hanover.

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2 Responses to The great Debate which could not be be a Debate

  1. amancalledit says:

    No you are wrong!
    It was a great debate.
    You made a fool of the idiots and yet again mopped the floor with them.
    Wunderlich made a fool of himself, Walker proved he was a gardian of the Civil Service.
    They both showed they were LapDogs to the Old Boys and would say anything to get elected.
    You were the star my friend!
    You were honest and sincere! Tuly the winner of the night!!
    What your mind can concieve you soul will achieve!!

  2. mschmidtpc says:

    I guess I love more real challenges and constructive debates than this bla bla bla.
    I hate prostituting myself to get elected. Either we begin to understand that we are in dangerous waters or we keep going until the Titanic hits the iceberg.
    I wonder what happens then. Blaming everybody else and taking no responsibility.
    SMOOOTH talking is great and dangerous.
    Oh the old boys have not yet registered that times are changing.

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