Can we avoid the revolution?

Gun control, NGO’s with unlimited policing powers, searches without a warrant, corruption without consequence, exploding public sector , exploding deficit, struggling middle class, hopeless lower class and no choiceBut we give our Chief Medical Officer of Health over 100 000.- dollars pay raise after her own workers got fired because of lack of money.

surveillance and moral pressure

I hope that Government  understands that this is becoming a real breeding ground for a revolt.

Why is there no revolt yet ??????

Because we have this wonderful attitude of complacency.

Why do we need change?

Because of our children and because of our responsibility for the future.

Are we waiting for change or can we be the change?

Yes we need to understand, that waiting for better times is over . The time is now, not tomorrow, not next year.

Wake up

You have a voice and a responsibility.

Nominate a person into office who has integrity, determination, compassion and no fear.

Municipal elections are just around the corner. Go and throw your hat into the ring.


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  1. Here Here Mr. Speaker!!!

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