Tears and Entrapment

We traveled up the Bruce Peninsula. Gods Country at its best. Not many proud farmers left. Barns almost completely demolished by nature and neglect. Pockets of human dignity still can be found. One of these places is in Mar.

Corner Gas in Mar

Corner Gas in Bruce County. Food as good you can only dream of.  The center of it all is Rene. We had a heavenly Lasagna, all home made. You feel at home and

Rene IS the center of Corner Gas

at peace. This is where community meets, this is where the real stories get told this is where you can count on honesty and trust.

After Rene recognized me she began telling me the story of her encounter with the Tobacco Undercover Enforcement Agents.

A young women dressed up with a lot of make up and visibly pregnant asked for cigarettes. She was asked for her ID and then received the cigarettes. She triumphantly left the store and seconds later an officer appeared with a batch and charged Rene with selling cigarettes to a minor.

Rene was in tears and explained that they must have misread the ID.

The inspector true to his mandate did not show any mercy and charged her with a penalty of over 300 Dollars. Rene begged with him that she was hardly making a living and that this is real hard for her. The inspector did as inspector do, show no mercy.

Rene spent money to be defended in court. It would have made no difference paying the fine or defending her right. We will always lose.

When I drive by schools I see hundreds of under aged smokers enjoying their cigarettes. Where are those who want to protect us. Inspectors pick and choose as they wish.

STOP them now and make them accountable first.

Rene is only one story of many.

Go visit Rene on your way up to Tobermory she is the best

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7 Responses to Tears and Entrapment

  1. 2censworth says:

    I’m confused. You say “Rene spent money to be defended in court”
    Was the customer under age? Was there a problem with the ID?
    Was it proven that the smoke police discriminated?
    Let’s have the whole story. Thanks

    • mschmidtpc says:

      Yes the dressed up girl was 15. They misread the ID and explained this later to the inspector. There was absolutely no room for understanding. Why are we using undercover cops to lure people into a situation like this. Why are we not charging underage smokers or their parents??
      Go to the high schools and clean up the mess there. Charge the teachers when they allow the students to smoke. How about make your own choice. The way we are going is nothing short of a police state.

  2. thebovine says:

    Proactive solution might be for storekeepers to keep photocopies of such IDs. Who’s to say they didn’t swap IDs between the purchase and the arrest?

    • mschmidtpc says:

      We creating more and more an atmosphere of fear. Yes I agree they might have swapped the ID. They do anything to achieve their goals. Just go and visit Rene , She is the sweetest lady you can imagine.
      Inspectors are government leaches we pay and get harassed by.
      I only can say that this new level of policing will do nothing but create resistance

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