The Great Debate which was not yet great

Kudos to all those who came and listened to the great debate, and a special thanks to those who asked intelligent questions.

Candidate Bill Walker, Chamber of Commerce President Bruce Parsons, Candidates Mark Wunderlich and Michael Schmidt prior to the great debate

Sometimes there are pleasant surprises and sometimes there are great debates.

This was NOT a great debate but a great evening to hear and see  people’s reaction. I am still getting used to the fact that politics is like sport “you in for the win”.

People love to pick winners and do not mind watching with a certain element of joy how others fail.

It was great to experience the diversity of presentation and the difference in views how to solve Ontario’s  problems. I had to chuckle a few times when I watched and listened how easy it seems to be to promise and commit to changing things.                                 I had to realize that I personally cannot in anyway satisfy this hunger for ready to eat solutions.  Listening to the others I sometimes felt I was in a political supermarket, where you could pick off the shelves whatever you wanted to have.

Do not get me wrong  all candidates showed good intentions and sincere concerns about the future. The question is only; is that enough to qualify and win?

I hope not. This debate (which it was not) simply opened the door for the public to see how three different candidates presented three different views on many issues. Some far apart, some almost identical.

I hope that the time for “the great debates” is just beginning.

Thank you Bill and thank you Mark

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3 Responses to The Great Debate which was not yet great

  1. Michael,
    Thank you for getting these debates going. People need to hear for themselves, who is wise, passionate and “gentleman” enough to stand for Grey-Bruce-Owen Sound at Queen’s Park. And thank you for being such a gentleman. It is rare in politics to meet someone who treats his opponents with such grace. A sure sign that someone like you will be able to maintain his seat in the House and not get “the boot”.

  2. amancalledit says:

    Come on Schmidt take the gloves off, you are too nice!
    Your competition last night were “smoke and mirrors” You shone!
    Nice guys finish last!!

    • mschmidtpc says:

      That’s what they told me when I battled the Province the last 15 years without lawyers regarding our right to choose what to put in our mouth. Who lost ,and who won????
      “Michael you will never ever win this battle” predicted 90% of the people.
      To loose your dignity in order to fight others is a lost battle.
      If you want to see blood, not with me.
      However, there are other ways to fight a good fight.
      Honesty, determination and the knowledge that you are fighting for the truth. Do not back down.
      Thank you for your support my friend, there is lots to do and lots to accomplish. Do you have already your PC membership?????????

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