It is True

Why the old boys clubs are thriving and complaining won’t help

Michael Schmidt and the current Speaker of the Ontario legislature Peters

Politics thrives in the backroom, in the “who knows who” and in the tradition of coming up the ladder the “proper way” of local politics.

Blaming the old boys is wrong and blaming the system is also wrong.

The only one to blame are those who think change cannot and will not happen because we have no control over the process.

Lets think before we get all emotional about the demise of our political culture. The rise of the Green Party is the result of a growing concern about the environment and the lack of a visible political will to address many concerns. The Green Party accommodated a new wave of disgruntled voters, a new wave of young and fresh  political activists. Many wanted to use the successful European green political model  and implement it here in Canada.

These are worthwhile considerations and certainly provide an outlet for frustrated voters and concerned citizens. The European model does not work here in Canada or in the United States. We still have to work with the “First Past the Post” electoral system, which focuses on the person elected and not on the party.

I have watched  in the last 25 years with a certain fascination how politics is run in Ontario and Canada and can see a lot of faults in the system ,IF you focus on party politics. The voters have yet to understand that voting at the time of election is too late to have a say. By then the choice of candidates is limited to whoever is nominated in each party.

Voting for a representative, who will do the best job in Parliament is side tracked by Party politics and Party policies. As an elected representative it is your mandate to represent the people first and the party becomes a vehicle to unite ideas and policies.

Make sure you become a member of any party to make sure that your candidate gets in,who will in your opinion change the world of today’s politics.

We are not talking religion, we are talking about a very pragmatic approach to politics. Do you want to have a say, get involved and stop complaining.

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2 Responses to It is True

  1. To treat Politics like religion is a sure way to crash and burn.
    Having input on who you have represent you is a sure way to move forward and make change for the better.
    Folks should wake up and participate by supporting the best man regardless of their political affiliations.


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