The Policy of Honesty

Dear Friends and Foes

No beating around the bushes anymore.

It is not about milk it is about your individual freedom

If you want to have a say in politics and in the direction we will be going in the future, do not sit back and think that the only time you have a say is during the election itself.

This is a lame excuse and is also a contributing factor to the current crisis.  Governments can do whatever they want to do because they counting on you to be laid back, not interested, complacent and cynical.

Yes they count on you to be passive.

Many people simply do not understand the consequences of inaction.

I Michael Schmidt will not give you any promises in regards to

Tax cuts; more money in your pocket; a good life or a better Car

Everyone who is of sound mind will understand that.

However let me be clear that my Policy of Honesty will be the path to a better understanding of what is going on at Queens Park and in your riding.

The Policy of Honesty is based on the premise that you have the right to demand transparency from your MPP and MP.

In order to restore trust and confidence in Government and Government institutions I, Michael Schmidt, will not shy away from exposing internal corruption,  internal shortcomings, and injustice based on violations under the Canadian Charter of Rights and under the Bill of Rights”.

Michael Schmidt and Karen Selick from the Canadian Constitution Foundation working the courts in the defense of your basic rights

What is important for you?????????????????

Let me know

Regards Michael Schmidt

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4 Responses to The Policy of Honesty

  1. Edgar G. Lefebvre says:

    Michael Schmidt is right ! But, as an individual being “elected” as an MP or MPP…If you don’t play the “game” with the other MP or MPP…you will be cast-out ! My 2 cents !

  2. Bob mackie says:

    Michael has come to realize, as many Canadians now are, that the people no longer have a voice because they are not using it. Government has become like everything else in this country. It has become SUPER-SIZED. The legs of the people can no longer support this huge government head.

    Bob Mackie

  3. Amancalledit says:

    Her, Here Mr. Speaker!!!!!

  4. You ask what is important!

    Freedom, reduction of Civil (Uncivil) Service, the right to bear armss, so this doesn’t happen again, REDUCTION OF REGULATION!

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