Ontario Politics subject in the US

August 5, 2010…4:44 pm

Don’t like what’s going on in politics? Get in there and change it yourself!

Michael Schmidt is only doing what more of us really should be doing when we see that the folks in power are clearly not serving the public interest. American raw milk author David E. Gumpert reads the tea leaves on what’s behind Michael Schmidt’s foray into the political arena. Here be excerpts from “The Unspoken Political Message Being Sent By Michael Schmidt’s Run for Political Office”:

In a preliminary event to his current run for office–his appearance in the legal case against his distribution of raw milk–Michael Schmidt faced the Canadian media last January. Photo via The Complete Patient blog

“Michael Schmidt is approaching his run for the Ontario parliament with all the high ideals you would expect. He’s launched a blog to communicate his ideas and, not surprisingly, he is cynical about much of today’s politics, not only in Canada, but in the U.S. and elsewhere.

He points out, “Once a while when anger boils over, new promises are made to deal with public discontent. Politicians tell you what you want to hear, wannabe politicians do the same if you let them get away with it.”

When I read that, I thought of an observation from Aajonus Vonderplanitz a couple weeks ago, when I spoke with him about the raid on Rawesome Foods in Venice, CA. He’s a founder of Rawesome, and other private club outlets, and has been fighting for food rights since the late 1960s, when the first regulatory assault occurred on Alta Deena, the California producer of raw milk at that time. “Every seven or eight years the authorities would come after them, like clock work,” he said.

Local politicians would make sympathetic noises, but the assaults never stopped, and are continuing today, with ever-greater aggressiveness–witness the guns-drawn raid at Rawesome last month. To Vonderplanitz, the local politician sympathy noises are just that–noises….”

“…..So Michael Schmidt’s run for political office is symbolically important beyond the fact that he would be a voice for food rights. It highlights the need for politicians who understand both the nutritional problems of our current food system and the erosion of our rights in the process of creating the factory system. We need politicians who are both educated and committed to hold the feet of the mass of politicans to the fire over these huge issues.”

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One Response to Ontario Politics subject in the US

  1. Augie says:

    The politics of the corporate/government/academia partnership is deception at its finest on all fronts– along with greed and corruption.

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