Vision or Division

Vision for the future

Dear Friends and Foes

We are all confused about any Vision in politics. Today’s politics are reactive not visionary. Pleasing crowds with solutions for everything and sweet promises with no obligation have been cultivated for decades but seem to lull most people successfully into a passive mood. Once a while when anger boils over, new promises are made to deal with public discontent. Politicians tell you what you want to hear, wannabe politicians do the same if you let them get away with it.

The question is; Is politics driven by VISION or DIVISION ?

Having been part of this process for many years and watching closely local, provincial, federal and international politics, I have come to the conclusion that there is a Vision for the future, except it is not our Vision. It is a vision which does not consider our local community, our local resources and our local culture.

I  have no illusion about what dictates today’s politics or the economy. I have also no illusion that society at the moment seems to like its role as the victim of great conspiracies, corporations and politicians.

The element of division, fear and control has been described in detail in Orwell’s novel 1984.

We are already  far beyond what is described in the novel and guess what, we still live in the illusion that we have freedom and justice.

We need to return to the roots of living, we need to return to the basic understanding how the economy works, we need to understand that we cannot keep thriving on the concept of DIVISION.

In order to find a VISION for the future we might have to get

Back To Basics

Michael Schmidt

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5 Responses to Vision or Division

  1. Here here Mr. Speaker!!!

  2. Kathy Pirtle says:

    Clarity is the beginning. Conscious work toward changing the trends is the next step. Not assuming that someone else will fix the problem is paramount.

  3. Augie says:

    Visioning is a UN code word.

    • Augie says:

      The Vision of the politicians is the one that is set for them. It is arrived at through the Visioning process to set local goals to harmonize with the global plans–which is unsustainable. See UN Agenda 21.

  4. fred houpt says:

    What I fear is the world as depicted in the awesome and upsetting documentary “food inc”. That gives me the shivers.

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