Entering Provincial politics is a must…..

Dear Friends and Foes

Do not expect change if you are not able to enter into constructive dialogue,Michael Schmidt and Tim Hudak ,leader of the opposition

I just returned home after a long day campaigning in the riding.

Yes, I was surprised how disillusioned people are about politics and politicians in general.

I also begin to realize that driving around and talking to people in the riding about the upcoming nomination for the PC party in Bruce-Grey-Owen Sound is harder than plowing a field. It is very difficult for many to understand that the process of electing  the next MPP begins now ,not tomorrow and not next month.

My intention to be nominated has visibly shaken those who belong to the other parties.

“Traitor, Traitor, Traitor; how can you with a clean consciousness  join the Progressive Conservatives????

Pardon me, what are you saying? I thought that those who “claim to know better than every one else” could come to a rational solution beyond  party lines and social divisions on their own.  Where is the common will to find solutions and move forward together.Do not shoot the messenger.

Yes I am who I am. And I will continue to be the one who does not wait for change.

I want to get dirty by taking part in the process of reshaping politics. No problem, you can have your little political party and platform and color. But do not expect to get anywhere unless you understand, that the system itself has not yet a provision to accommodate change which allows the expansion to more parties at Queens Park or Ottawa.

Get real, Get back to basics

I do know that even some of our local die-hard conservatives are  afraid and upset, that I dared to walk into their territory with new ideas, and a track record of unshaken determination to question our current path of complacency.

Bill Murdoch admitted that he is tired of the current structure of power, which limits every MPP to work for the people in the riding.

He is tired and we are lulled into the illusion that we cannot change anything.

That has to change.

That will change.

That must change

I could not wait longer for change.

That’s why I am entering politics, it is a MUST for me now.

Regards Michael

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3 Responses to Entering Provincial politics is a must…..

  1. aliberalgreen says:

    I don’t know how you call prostitute yourself by joining those corporate pork barrelers!
    After what Mike Harris has done to this Province.
    They cater to the Corporate elite have no respect for our enviroment and genrally speaking have destroyed this Province long before the Liberals took power.
    To support them only means you will become one of them!
    My father would roll over in his grave if I even thought of supporting the PC party.


    • mschmidtpc says:

      You are right. A lot did not agree with what Mike Harris did, including me. However, bottom line is, he did what he said he would do. Did you run for office at that time?
      Thinking about your comment I like to question if you might have meant McGuinty, considering what we are experiencing right now in Ontario.

      We have a problem with elected officials who are supposed to represent and work for the people seem to work more to accommodate corporate interests and not yours and mine.
      I have watched politics for many decades and came to the conclusion that unless you get up and vote, unless you get involved,
      unless you look beyond the party and hold the elected member of your riding accountable, you have less credibility criticizing anyone who enters the race with good intentions.
      Polarizing people based on traditional habits like” I have always voted red or green or blue” simply makes little sense at this point of the game.
      Like I said above, unless we enter into a constructive dialogue and overcome the partisan attitude we will play political ping pong until this Province is toast.
      Remember, any new regulation implemented and requested by Liberals or Greens or in fact any party is just another chain link towards slavery.
      Take your pick;
      Do you want more regulations or more responsibility?
      Unless you embrace liberty as a responsibility we will keep calling the Government to protect us.
      NOT ME

    • H Bridge says:

      AliberalGreen … interesting juxtaposition there.
      1) Mike Harris was Mike Harris and not Michael Schmidt
      2) Mr Harris – love his politics or hate them, stated clearly what his plans were, was elected based on those plans and then implemented them. How was he wrong EVEN if you don’t like his platform he did what he said he was going to do fighting public and media along the way — if you didn’t vote against him then that was your mistake not his. He had a mandate from the electorate and he stood by his plans, how many candidates have you voted for – based on their stand on a issue that was important to you, that turned around at the crucial moment and voted AGAINST their promised platform. Probably more than once.
      3) Mike Harris had the guts to tell people that our province was in trouble that it needed fixing. Fixing things that are wrong is rarely a purely pleasant experience – we all have had to do something unpleasant to right a wrong or turn a bad situation into a good one. How would you think that politics or running a province would be different.

      I think that ANYONE who is likely to stand-up for what they believe in, to put themselves ( not others) on the line is worth while.

      Conservatives, Liberals, NDP, Green are they not all self serving as entities. We MUST vote for strong candidates. What good is voting along party lines only to find that the lily-livered candidate for your riding backs out of voting on a key issue?

      Open your mind to see that we can only change one thing at a time. Change yourself and the way you think. Stand up for people who stand up and want change for the better — not for small personal issues that in turn trample someone else’s rights.

      I am saddened for you that, even after your father’s passing, you cannot manage to make up your own mind about today’s issues, falling back on his party politics. My father has strong political feelings but he would be embarrassed if he was to find that his daughter was no more than a sheep — following his lead with no thoughts of her own.

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