Why PC??? Why do you care???

Dear Friends and Foes

Since I announced my intention to run for the PC nomination of the local riding, I encountered a variety of very interesting reactions.

Disbelief, anger, fear, relief, joy and hatred. A truly mixed bag of emotions, all based on a simple premise: its all about the party and not about the person.

The current form of election is based on voting for a person and not a party. I gladly will explain later why I decided to throw one of my many hats into the ring for the PC nomination. At the moment however it is more important to understand that the nomination process in the current voting system is far more crucial than the election itself.

Put aside any party color and get actively involved in every nomination process, then you will have some influence, who will be nominated in the different parties. You can still express your emotional and traditional attachment for a certain party during the election; at least you had some influence in choosing the best candidate within each party.

Before everyone gets all up in arms that “Michael Schmidt” has joined the “dark side” think twice and reconsider what your options are.

Bill Murdoch stood for the people and with the people  Did anyone realy  cared  which party Bill Murdoch represented? Bill spoke his mind that’s what mattered most.

Its not the Political Party that makes the people, its the people that makes the Political Party.

Instead of polarizing, lets evolve into a force capable of implementing changes towards dialogue, responsibility and a reduction of Government.


Michael Schmidt

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3 Responses to Why PC??? Why do you care???

  1. Amancalledit says:

    I agree my friend! The Party System has failed dramaticly in this Country.
    A new Party such as the Greens, or in the Case of The Freedom Party are destined to fail before they start.
    There is no chance in Grey Bruce of any Party winning the next election with the exception of the PC’s.
    To have any effect you must be in power or at least the opposition.
    Change must come from the inside.
    I think from what I have read about you, that you are a man that is determined to change things. I don’t believe you will end up a back-bencher.
    If one were to take the ideals of a variety of Parties and transfuse them into the PC’s we could end up with a working alternative that is not hard right or left but could be a working alternative that serves the needs of all.
    Cheers to you sir!


  2. Miro Malish says:

    Well i am excited that this site is finally up and running.
    While the system suggests that one is voting for a person there is actually three, maybe four, ways in which the system creates voting. One is “for the person” another is “for the party” another is “for the leader” and the possible fourth is “the strategic”.

    When one is voting for “the person” this could be either as an independent or as a member of a party. It may or may not matter what party or non party they are affiliated with.

    When one votes for a party it is also for various reasons. Often people identify themselves with the party line and the somewhat constant stands as depicted by their brand. It may be in response to the present party in power as well. In North America people often identify themselves as either more left or right in terms of social conscience to individual rights, as though they are mutually exclusive. Because of the polarity in such foolery the two biggest parties attempt to identify with one of these. Closer scrutiny will reveal that both are about the same. Another point of parties is the old to the new. Like for instance the hope of the Greens. I am not too sure that those that vote green would actually be happy if the Greens were actually in power making their proposed changes ( personal view based on an analysis of economics and broad value of personal rights in Canada). If one were to look at branding and what that process is all about one would get a better idea about how people identify and vote for “the party”.

    Voting for the leader. This often happens cause in the grand race its apparently all about the leaders, fighting for the party, representing the stand and view of the brand.

    The strategic vote is often one where one has a choice based one of the three listed but then intellectualizes the real potentials and then casts their vote in attempt to actually leverage their vote to count, which may be actually voting for someone other then their real choice.

    Now based on these who is most likely to vote for You Michael? I think the green voter in Grey Bruce would be well served to strategically vote for Michael. Their will be those like myself who would vote for you personally (based on your stand on rights for choice in food and accomplishment in self defense at the highest of levels and of course savvy nature in front of the camera), though i suspect their may also be those who would not. And I suspect that all those old reform party folks that are today part of the old conservatives.

    I look forward to explore more about things like economic plans, and social stuff, but i guess that stuff is really left for a actual election race.

    Personally I would like to hear about how one gets back to the basics!

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