Running for Office???


Yes I did commit myself to this cruel but necessary act of exposure to run for the nomination of the Progressive Conservative Party in Ontario.

Well, running for office is the wrong term for me.

Most people run away from office. This is a careful “step by step process”to understand the responsibility of holding a public office.

There is history of politics in my family and my own life.
My great grand father was chancellor of Germany for a short period of time, undersecretary of state in the Finance Ministry in 1909 and for many years commissioner for food supply in the province of Prussia, Germany.

I myself was a member in the local town council in Friesenhofen in Germany in the 1980th until I immigrated to Canada in 1983.
It took 3 years until I received my Canadian Citizenship. At that time I received a preferred and speedy treatment, because I wanted to vote in the upcoming election.
Being part of the political process by voting is and has been a must for me since I reached voting age.
The root of my political activism lies in a very personal and simple premise:

-Silence when injustice is done is only encouraging more acts of injustice.
-Tolerating injustice is as bad as committing the act of injustice.
-The fear to act in the face of injustice becomes the breeding ground for every

I do believe there is more personal pain than gain to go on this political journey.
Michael Schmidt

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