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Can we avoid the revolution?

Gun control, NGO’s with unlimited policing powers, searches without a warrant, corruption without consequence, exploding public sector , exploding deficit, struggling middle class, hopeless lower class and no choice.  But we give our Chief Medical Officer of Health over 100 … Continue reading

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Do you have a choice??? YES

Lets face it, Politics has a very bad name. Here is a very good column in the Globe and Mail. Thank you Jeffrey Simpson for summing up the root of the problem.

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Tears and Entrapment

We traveled up the Bruce Peninsula. Gods Country at its best. Not many proud farmers left. Barns almost completely demolished by nature and neglect. Pockets of human dignity still can be found. One of these places is in Mar. Corner … Continue reading

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Hypocrisy At Its Best. When Are We Ready to Say NO?

This morning I roamed Keady Market. As always the discussions with many center around the dictatorial powers of inspectors enforcing randomly some of the  500 000 Ontario regulations. One member of an old butcher family which carried on making smoked … Continue reading

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How to get to Queens Park in style????

Many things seems impossible but once a while there is a chance that dreams come true. Growing up in Germany has certainly an  advantage if you love German engineered cars. I grew up in the town of Schorndorf where Daimler … Continue reading

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