Food Safety in Canada, Take your time………



2010-12-29 – HEALTH HAZARD ALERT – Certain BONCHEFF brand FRESH HERBS may be contaminated with Salmonella
2 2010-12-24 – HEALTH HAZARD ALERT – ROLF’S PATISSERIE brand and WHOLE FOODS MARKET brand Ginger Bread Houses May Contain a Toxin Produced by Staphylococcus bacteria
3 2010-12-22 – HEALTH HAZARD ALERT – Certain Sesame Seeds And Sesame Blends With Herbs May Contain Salmonella Bacteria Continue reading
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Are the courts failing us?????

Is Justice Paul Kowarsky the only one who has the courage or the wisdom?

Let Children judge to have more justice than we have now

As I am following countless legal proceedings across Canada and the US, I begin to question the truly independent role of the courts. I question if they are setting themselves up for being accused to simply follow the corporate/government agenda and therefore will experience a huge loss of credibility. Continue reading

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Worth fighting or worth waiting? Bill C 36

It is indeed a worthwhile question to consider. Sometimes one can waste a lot of energy trying to bring about change and then when change finally arrives there is nothing left to even celebrate.

That will happen to you I promise

I am following the current urgency by the Government to pass bill C 36.

This bill is once again is tabled under the pretext to protect you. Continue reading

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Owen Sound Sun Times “tries” to redefine its view on what kind of politician we need.

I have known Jim Algie for over 25 years. He is a man with a great ability to write about pressing issues important for the public and interesting issues which often sparked debates amongst us farmers."It must be true when it is in the news"

I never was able to figure out where he stood personally or if he in fact has the ability to have a real passion for certain news subjects.

Not only once did I shake my head about his view. At the end I thought; he is just a reporter, a committed one who writes because that is his job. No hard feelings between him and me, but the question remained with me for many years; does he really get it what is going on or does he just write about it without getting it? Continue reading

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Back to Court in Ontario

Thursday we will be back in court. This time here in Ontario to argue a motion to expand our arguments in the upcoming appeal-hearing regarding JP Paul Kowarsky’s  raw milk ruling. The Government of Ontario aka Dairy Farmers of Ontario, aka other disgruntled bureaucrats, who did not get their way, aka the local health unit in Owen Sound with an obsessed Medical Officer of Health trying to spend lots of tax money on trying to overturn this ruling. Hailed by the Food Freedom Movement as milestone in North America this ruling was one of the rare occasions where we all celebrated that justice is possible. Continue reading

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